Rucksack AUV

The Lightweight

The Rucksack AUV is the second generation of AUVs of the university of applied science in Kiel.

The AUV is low cost and has a more compact design then its previous model, the Robbe 131, so it can be operated by one person making it easier and more flexible to collect data for science purposes.

Dimensions0,9m x 0,42m x 0,3m
Diving depth50m
Construction timescince 2015
Main computerAAEON Up Board
SensorsTritech Mircon DST sonar
Pressure sensor Bosch 86BSD
Line laser Picotronic MLD532-5-5
Two color cameras IDS UI-3241LE
Inner pressure sensor, humidity sensor and temperature
sensor bosch BME680
Intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor Bosch BNO055
Water intrusion sensor
CommunicationGPS, WLAN
BatteryTwo 6S Lithium-Ion Batteries
PropulsionBluerobotics T200
Degrees of freedomTwo rotational (pitch, yaw)
Two translational (heave, surge)
MechanicsFrame of 6063 aluminium support rails
Pressure hull of PMMA
Caps of 6063 aluminium
Several PLA 3D-print parts