Dr. Sabah Badri-Hoeher, Prof.


Dr. Sabah Badri-Hoeher is head of the digital signal processing group at the University of Applied Science Kiel. She started her career at the Fraunhofer Institute IIS in Erlangen. There she significantly participated at the development of the north american digital radiosystem SiriusXm. Further she collected work experience at the faculty of engineering, CAU Kiel (development of digital transmission methods in mobile communication methods in cooperation with Siemens, BenQ and Huawei), Hochschule Bremen and PHWT Oldenburg. At the beginning of 2009 she began to work as professor at the University of Applied Science at Kiel at the Institute of Communication Technology and Embedded Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Since 2010 she extends the maritime competence by several third-party-funds project, mentoring PhD students and the AUV Team TomKyle. Since 2013 is Dr. Badri-Hoeher is an adjunct professor at the technical faculty, Chrisitan-Albrecht-University.

GraduationDoctoral degree at the university of Erlangen, 2001
Employed AsLeader of the DSV-AG
CareerFraunhofer Institute IIS Erlangen, Faculty of Engineering CAU Kiel, Hochschule Bremen, PHWT Oldenburg, professor at UAS Kiel since 2009